Assets within the ProTerra Package

The ProTerra Package also comes with some basic models and textures to give everyone a good starting point right after importing / downloading the asset into the Unity Editor.


49 Textures included

Trees *

6 different trees - two trees with 1 trunk, two trees with 2 trunks and two trees with 3 trunks


2 different low poly mushrooms, 1 low poly stone, 1 grass billboard texture. (some additional 'models' (roughly combined primitives) are also included, needed for a small demo game

* The trees were created with Unity's tree creator tool. It seems, that the URP and/or HDRP does not support the shaders, that are used on the materials for those trees (Hidden/Nature/Tree Creator [...]). If you import or use these assets with Unity's SRP, they will turn pink.
Adjusting the shaders manually might help. A quick workaround for that, seems to be the use of one of the 'SpeedTree' shaders.