Feature Overview

Generating the heightmap (layer based) with:

►    Perlin Noise with additional filters and features (ridged or billow noise, domain warping, and more...)
    Voronoi pattern (hexagonal or squared pattern, cell distortion, and more...)
    Unity Terrain as an input for heights
►    Import a heightmap texture
    Cellular Automaton
    Terrace filter
    Falloff maps (e.g. island shape)

Based on height, slope, cavity and/or normal direction (angle)

Object placement
Advanced options to place objects such as trees, grass or custom GameObjects, based on e.g. the terrains properties (height, slope, etc), textures, noise values or based on other GameObjects in the scene.

Experimental features (very alpha stage – do not count on those):

    Hydraulic erosion (very basic droplet algorithm)
    Simple rivers (“Crawler“ algorithm based on Perlin noise flow fields)
    Drawing paths on the terrain (A* algorithm - creates very edgy paths)
    A shader* with triplanar texture blending and heightbased splatmap blending
    Cave generation - inverts the terrains surface by a custom shader* and generates an inverted mesh collider

    Seed based generation
    biomes (affects noise generation, texturing, object placement)

* Shaders are based on the Unity built in terrain shaders under the standard render pipline and are just modified versions of it.
The mentioned shaders wont work under the URP or HDRP